Get the thrill and excitement of an action-packed battle and out-smart your opponents


Work together for a better outcome than the sum of the individuals

Build Communities

We want to create and nurture human bonds, grow long lasting relationships around a shared goal

Recent Games

We are currently working on Divided We Fall. A real-time team strategy game that is strongly community driven and team play focused

Meet Our team

Antoine Meurillon

Antoine used to be an engineer and a scientist, researching new ways to interact with medical machines. At night he experimented building games. After he joined KAVA, he has been focusing on game design.

Florian Käding

Florian made the original Call of Combat game while he was gloriously crushing his opponents in numerous historical war games. He is now building the technical architecture of the game and he is making sure the game stays true to its roots.

Marcel du Long

A battle worn veteran of the game industry. He co-founded Vanguard Games, a game studio with hits as the EA-published twin-stick shooter hit Gatling Gears, console and PC strategy hit Greed Corp, and Windows (Phone) 8 hit Halo: Spartan Assault.

Wessel van der Es

Wessel is an amazing shader wizard and inventor of all craft. He invents awesome things. At least every minute. He is the future inventor of the holodeck. He is also an artist, and the maker of several puzzle games.

Jonathan Doorenbosch

Jonathan is a talented 3D designer. He has a special skill that allows him to skip sleep. So he knows and has played every single game that exists on the planet. He is also the creator of an crazy action filled upcoming online game.

Ian Hitchcox

Ian is a long-time fan of Call of Combat. He now spends his time as a software craftsman, always striving for a better game. He is making sure that Call of Combat stays true to its roots.

Contact us

If you are interested in working with us (either as a partner or as an intern/employee) do not hesitate to contact us at